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    SuperFast XI The red rocket of Adriatic Sea.

    Route: Patra - Igoumenitsa - Ancona
    IMO: 9227417
    Building year: 2002
    Building yard: Flender Werft, Lubeck Germany (#683)
    Owner: Attica Enterprises SA
    Operator:Superfast Ferries
    Length: 199,9 m
    Breadth: 25,0 m
    Draft: 6,40 m
    GT: 30.902
    Machinery: 4 x Wartsila 12V 46C
    Speed: 31,25 kn.
    Number of passengers: 1.639
    Number of beds:714
    Number of cars:653
    Lanemetres: 1.920
    Port of registry:Piraeus
    Flag: Greek
    Sister ships:Superfast XII

    link για pchands
    Ship location

    It's in the route Patras – Ancona from July 2002, carving deep “ruts” with its propellers in waters of the Ionian and Adriatic Sea, one of the Superfast Ferries of Attica Group's gems, ro/pax ferry SuperFast XI!

    Some words about its story.....

    In German shipyards Flender Werft

    The order for the construction of SuperFast XI and its sister ship SuperFast XII (see tribute of SuperFast XII, August 2012) was given on September of 2000 at german shipyards Flender Werft in Lubeck. The order was part of a large project for SuperFast Ferries' fleet expansion and renewal. SuperFast XI was the eleventh red gem that would be born and would complete the fleet of the company.
    The launch took place almost a year later, on August 3rd of 2001 and the construction of SF XI was completed on July 10th of 2002. A few days later came down to Greece and beautified with its exuberant, shining presence the old port of Patras.

    With 199,90m. total length (186m. length between perpendiculars), 25m. beam and 6,40m. depth, started the route PatrasIgoumenitsa Ancona, a route in which is till today.

    Mr. Kostis Stamboulelis, Naval Architect and New Project & Development Manager of Attica Group designed and oversaw the construction of SuperFast XI and its sisterships, always in continuous contact with Alexandros and Periclis Panagopoulos.

    We sailed on a 3-day long trip in November of 2014 in the route Patras Igoumenitsa Ancona to capture beautiful icons and describe impressions!

    On the bridge...

    On the bridge we met a good friend “from the past”, cpt Charalambos Paloumbis, master of SuperFast XI! We have met cpt. Babis on board SuperFast XII on May of 2011, in the route Piraeus – Heraclion, when he gave us his first interview for Arxipelagos.com.
    On August 2012, we met him again on the same bridge, when our great tribute to SF XII took place.
    We also made another trip – tribute with him, on February of 2013 when we met the impressive Blue Horizon in the route Patras – Bari.
    He is born in Patricata of Kefalonia, he has the captation of SuperFast for many years and he is highly capable and experienced.
    Cpt Babis docked SuperFast XI on January 24th of 2014 on his island, Kefalonia, where strong earthquakes happened. The ship docked at the port of Argostoli and offered warm hospitality to earthquake victims for several days.

    Staff Captain, cpt Ioannis Palamidas

    On the bridge of the red ship we also met SF XII's Staff Captain, cpt Ioannis Palamidas. Cpt Ioannis is a very experienced Captain and he is many years on board his favourite ship. He was born in Piraeus and he disseminates selflessly his knowledge and experiences to young sailors, the future masters. Endless hours of lessons, theory and practice, in the area of Bridge with students cadets masters. It was something we noticed and it is noteworthy: his offer to the new generation! He talked to us on camera with magnificent lighthouse of Dukata, Lefkada isl. at the background, from where we were passing during the interview.

    cpt Georgios Kourkoulis

    A highly interesting and informative tour in the area and instruments of the bridge was offered us live on camera by cpt Georgios Kourkoulis, Chief Officer of SuperFast XI, who was born in Neapolis, Laconia. Cpt Georgios work in company for several years and he is a very experienced seaman. On camera of Arxipelagos.com he describes us in simple words the functions of navigation instruments and other equipment of the bridge.

    In the team of bridge are also: Chief Officer cpt Ioannis Agathos and Second Officer cpt Georgios Kokkonis.

    mrs Ioanna Tzovara

    On the bridge we also met an ambitious student of Merchant Marine Academy who seems to particularly fond both her profession and the sea, mrs Ioanna Tzovara. She is on board SuperFast XI trying to increase her knowledge from ship's officers, so when she return to the Merchant Marine Academy to have successfully completed her second educational trip. She is the Apprentice Deck Officer of the ship and she daily proves that a woman is not sealed off from the seafaring profession, but she can achieve equal recognition in “naval family” along with other seamen. For the first time on camera of Arxipelagos.com, we hear a woman's voice, the voice of a seawoman who powerfully enters the field of shipping. We wish her a brilliant career!

    Where its heart beats...

    Going to the "undersea" departments of the ship, where the heart of SuperFast XI beats rhythmically through its 4 Wartsila 12V46C machines that offer a maximum speed of 31,25 knots, we are impressed by the excellent spatial planning, the cleanness
    and the careful caring of all parts of the mechanical sector. We marvel at the ultramodern control room and we meet the experienced team of the engine room:

    mr Panagiotis Georgopoulos

    In the engine room we are welcomed by mr Panagiotis Georgopoulos, Chief Engineer of SuperFast XI. He is very hospitable and warm-hearted person, mr Panagiotis was born and grew up in the village Milioti, close to Pylos. He is also very experienced, loves both his job and sea and seems tied up with his beautiful ship.

    Mr Evaggelos Vavesos, Staff Engineer

    Mr Evaggelos Vavesos, Staff Engineer of the ship, offered us a unique walk and tour of into the engine room. Mr Vavesos describes us in simple words everything of all parts of the mechanical sector.

    In the team of machinery are also mr Grigorios Karistinos, mr Georgios Patropoulos and mr. Athanasios Kalantzis, Second Engineers, mr Panagiotis germenis, Chief Electrician and his assistant Nikitas Georgiadis, mr Anastasios Karavokirakos, mr Argiris Galanis and mr Andreas Chrisanthakopoulos, Marine Engine Drivers, and finally, Purifier mr Orchan Memis Oglou.

    Hospitality aboard..

    Passengers who embark via escalator to Deck 7, are in frond Reception, the area with its comfortable lounges. From there, accompanied by experienced stewards, are easily and quickly to their cabins. It is worth mentioning that cabins' electronic keys passengers have already in their hands, they receive them during check in from the central agency of SuperFast Ferries.

    mr Ioannis Georgakakos, Chief Steward

    In Reception mr Ioannis Georgakakos, Chief Steward, welcomes us. Mr Georgakakos gave us an interview in the impressive aft lounge with magnificent greywater of the ship at the background, describing us the special hospitality SuperFast Ferries provides, the successful prescription of philosophy the crew keeps since the era of cruise liners and the charismatic interiors and exteriors of SuperFast XI that offer to every traveler unique trips with beautiful experiences.
    In his difficult task of hospitality, Assistant Chief Steward mr Georgios Kalisperatis help Chief Steward, along with mr Alexandros Grimanis, Flocafe's manager and a big team of stewards and assistants.


    On Deck 7 are almost all public areas of SuperFast XI. The dominant colors are earthy bright, while construction materials impart very high quality. Architect mr. Apostolos Molyndris and his experienced partners deserve many congratulations for the excellent work in the interiors with impeccable decor and elegance.

    Going up via escalator to Deck 7, we find aft a large area, Blue Club Disco Bar which during the day is a coffee shop and in the evening turns into a night bar. The view through large windows to greywater is magnificent. On deck 7 two corridors start from the aft bar, continue both to starboard and to portside and they are united again at the large fore luxurious lounge, Purple Bar that offers unlimited and superb view to the horizon through large fore windows.
    From portside we visit sequentially the Reception and the Lines Bar which is located at midship and Mr. Stamboulelis confided to us during the interview that it's his cult.
    Then, we enter in one of Self Service's areas, which possesses premises across the beam of Deck 7.
    Further forward is the area with 3 shop which extend across the beam of Deck 7 and they are positioned in such a way so passenger having access from both corridors of the ship.


    Continuing our walk aboard, from fore to aft, we take the left corridor (starboard) we find the Casino with its shining slot machines and ship's shops.
    Then, we find another lounge, childen's playroom, internet corner and the area with video games. Note that free board games are available from Reception to passengers.


    the experienced team of galley

    Further behind Self Service and shortly after luxurious restaurant “A la Carte” where creations of high gastronomic flavours are being offered from the experienced chef mr. Konstantinos Koukoulithras, who was born in Lemnos and the experienced team of galley.
    Important is the contribution of the Provision Maste, mr Polychronis Chronas.


    Both on Deck 8 and on Deck 9 are in total 198 cabins with 714 beds from which 6 are Lux, 2 for disabled and 12 for the accommodation of the pets (Pet Cabins).
    It is worth to do special mention to the innovative “PURE” system applied by Attica Group on large ships of her fleet, refreshing the air in the cabin which helps especially people with breathing difficulties and gives being to healthy. PURE system is on 6 lux and on 10 A2 cabins.
    Finally, on Deck 8 are 36 dormitories which are separated in male and female with separate shower and W.C. and also 46 numbered seats, while on Deck 9, in addition to passengers' cabins, accommodation spaces and crew cabins, there's also the medical center.
    On Deck 10 is the bridge and most of exteriors.


    On Deck 10 dominant position has the Blue Bird Bar with its large pool for adults and kids pool where passengers during the summer months enjoy sunbathing, dips in the pool and refreshing juices, coffee, ice creams and snacks which are offered on the bar, with view to the sea.
    Behind Blue Bird Bar, proudly rises the huge aerodynamic funnel with the legendary wings,
    SuperFast Ferries' trademark, tearing the wind and the strobe lights glowing
    miles away!
    Open exteriors are particularly rich and glass windscreens protect from strong winds generated due to high speed of the ship.


    During the summer months, passengers who have caravans can stay in them in the open space of garage on Deck 5, using the service Cambing On Board, with free electricity and water provided by the ship.
    Finally, on Deck 11 there is the helipad of SuperFast XI.
    Large spaces of garage extend on 4 levels, totally 1,920 lanes meters from which G1 and G2 are only for cars, approximately 90 - 95. The other areas of garage accommodate approximately 110 16m. trucks. During the summer period G5 accommodates 74 cambers, using the service Cambing On Board.
    The crew of Garage

    The crew of Garage

    At the port of Ancona we met the crew of garage. At the time we traveled (Oct. 17-20th 2014), boatswain was mr Georgios Bourdouvalis. The quick loading and unloading at the port achieved thanks to the professionalism and the experience of the crew, under the instructions of the Staff Captain and the boatswain.

    On SuperFast XI we also met the oldest sailor of the ship(as boatswain), who loves it so passionately that he made its most exact replica, mr. Giorgos Kyrikos.
    Mr Giorgos pleasantly surprised us with his creations, ship models that seem so real as if they are ready to sail in the seas of the world! His unique hobby began since the late 70s, and in all these years he has created wonderful ships, all made and carved by his hand, using various materials. Wood, bronze and many many more!
    But his pride is SuperFast XI, a large maquette, very exact effigy of the real, in scale 1: 100. So the total length of the ship is 2m.! A splendid construction that he worked for quite a long time in SuperFast XI!
    With every detail made by hand, sofas and lounges' furniture, cabins with beds and disco lights as well as instruments of the bridge and garage. Everything with love and boundless talent.
    Mr Kyrikos talked to us on camera about his creations, his prides, his metals and his awards from a modelers' contest for "SuperFast XI".
    We thank him warmly and wish him always to create masterpieces.

    In the end...

    Ancona's route traditionally has traffic, that's why for decades on this route travel the best ships, the most luxurious, the fastest.
    By its launch on this route on 2002, SuperFast XI brought new data on the trip, created new traffic and the bar went up in height.
    Today, after 13 years, SuperFast XI remains unsurpassed and it's considered as one of the best choices on Ancona's route.
    It surely competes on equal terms sistership SuperFast XII which are as like as two drops of water.

    For us, Arxipelagos' members, who sailed on it, we felt a great pleasure and honor from the first moment we stepped on its ramb. Its presence on Ancona's route will remind us always that SuperFast Ferries and her red ships began on this route 20 years ago and they conquered the hearts of most travelers.

    Safe trips SuperFast XI and hope to see you again!!


    Simos Michaloglou

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    Departure from Patra

    Arrival at Igoumenitsa

    Arrival at Ancona (Italy)

    Departure from Ancona (Italy).

    Arrival at Patra and end of the trip.

    SUPERFAST XI Moments of Trip.

    We traveled with the eleventh red diamond in Archipelago of Ionian and Adriatic Sea and we captured magnificent icons from the trip with SuperFast XI of SuperFast Ferries.
    This German naval construction, designed by Naval Architect Kostis Stamboulelis and his experienced team, offers special emotions to its lucky travelers and keeps the bar high on routes of Adriatic Sea.

    Travel with us on SuperFast XI, through the lens of Arxipelagos.com.

    Camera: Simos Michaloglou, Antonis Meggoulis

    Montage: Konstantinos Papadopoulos

    copyright October 2014




















    Click on the cover to download the tribute as PDF.

    link για pchands

    We 'd like to thank the executives of Attica Group and specially mrs Ariadni Psimara, Marketing Manages of SuperFast Ferries and mr Kostis Stamboulelis, Naval Architect and New Projects & Development Manager of Attica Group

    link για pchands

    We warmly thank our good friends from the beautiful SuperFast XI, for this unique life experience trip::

    Cpt Charalambos Paloumbis, Master
    Cpt Ioannis Palamidas, Staff Captain
    Mr. Panagiotis Georgopoulos, Chief Engineer
    Mr. Evaggelos Vavesos, Staff Engineer
    Mr. Georgios Kourkoulis, Chief Officer
    Mr. Ioannis Agathos, Chief Officer
    Mr. Panagiotis Germenis, Chief Electrician
    Mr. Ioannis Georgakakos, Chief Steward
    Mr. Konstantinos Koukoulithras, Chef
    Mr. Georgios Bourdouvalis, Boatswain

    We'd like to thank all the officers and the rest of the crew for their hospitality and invaluable contribution for making this tribute and we wish them safe trips in calm seas.

    For the realization of tribute participated:

    Simos Michaloglou, Lina Zafiri : Cameraman

    Antonis Mengoulis: Photographer

    Simos Michaloglou, Nikos Dimitradis: interview

    Lina Zafiri : Editor

    Athanasios Antoniou: translation

    Konstantinos papadopoulos: Montage, Computer. Graphics Animation,

    A production for in partnership with


    link για pchandslink για pchandslink για pchands link για pchands link για pchands

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