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    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT - Traveling with... "spirit" of East!

    On Thursday, May 28th Arxipelagos team with great pleasure visited Norwegian Spirit, one of the most beautiful mid-sized cruise ships.

    The ship was built in the german shipyards Meyer Werft in Papenburg and it was the first of two that had been ordered by the Star Cruises, parent company of Norwegian Cruise Line. The SuperStar Leo, as its original name was, was delivered in September 1998 and a few weeks later began short cruises to Malaysia and Thailand from Hong Kong.

    In 2003 SARS virus "breaks out"
    in Asia and the ship was forced to change the program traveling to Australia and after the recession of the virus returned to its normal program in Hong Kong.
    2004 is the most important year for the ship. In the shipyards of Papenburg, the new NCL's ship Pride of America was almost completed but due to the violent storms which hit northern Europe, the shipyards flooded and the ship was severely damaged resulting in delivery to be postponed for next year. In order to avoid the cancellation of already scheduled cruises it was decided these trips to be made by the SuperStar Leo.
    After two weeks of renovation to adapt to the requirements of the American public, while maintaining the "oriental fragrance" in several areas such as the magnificent atrium Grand Centrum, the renamed Norwegian Spirit began traveling to the Caribbean Sea and was adored by passengers.

    Grand Centrum

    Norwegian Spirit has a length of 269m. Beam 33 and on its 10 decks hosts 2,018 passengers and 962 crew members while in 2011 it was renovated and now offers services similar to the newbuildings of the company.


    Norwegian Spirit has in total 1,009 cabins of which 386 are interior cabins, 223 are outside with window, 382 are outside with balcony and 18 suites.
    Of course, there are in all categories, premium cabins due to the location on board are and family cabins that can accommodate up to 4 passengers.
    Exceptionally, outside cabins with window divided into cabins with porthole and cabins with window.


    Norwegian Spirit offers a range of dining options with flavors from around the world but mainly from European and Asian cuisine.

    The main restaurant Windows, with 606 seats, is located aft on deck 6 and as the name implies, besides gourmet dishes, offers stunning sea view through its large windows!!
    The Garden Room, with 304 seats, is located on deck 6 and is essentially the "continuity" of Windows and because of its size, is ideal for those who desire more "warm" atmosphere.

    Raffles Court & Terrace, with 304 seats,
    features buffets with omelets, pasta, fruits and pastries and it is divided into Raffles Court which is inside and Raffles Terrace which is on the outside of the deck 12.
    In the section of Raffles Court there is also the La Trattoria, a small area with 72 seats where passengers by paying $10 they can enjoy Italian food, especially pasta and pizzas.
    On deck 13 is located the Bier Garten Grill, with 164 seats offering German specialties and of course beer.

    Blue Lagoon Cafe

    The Blue Lagoon Cafe, with 106 seats is on deck 7 and offers delicious snacks like burgers.
    For meat eaters, there is the Cagney's Steakhouse, with 98 seats, also on deck 7 and passengers by $30 enjoy roasted meats.
    The Le Bistro, with 48 seats, is located on deck 7 and offers amazing dishes from the French cuisine accompanied with French wines. The reservation price is $20.

    Shogun Asian Restaurant

    The Shogun restaurant, with 74 seats, is located on deck 8 and is ideal for lovers of Asian cuisine as it offers specialties from Japan, Thailand and China.
    In the same area are the Sushi Bar with 32 seats for fans of sushi and the Teppanyaki with 10 seats and the food is being prepared in front of passengers. Both restaurants work with reservation system.


    The amazing Galaxy of the Stars Observation Lounge i
    s fore on the deck 12, has 366 seats and passengers enjoy their drinks and the magnificent view!! The decoration is composed of small replicas of old sailing ships, tables in steering wheel shape and a traditional bridge where there are details about the navigation instruments!
    In the center of the Galaxy is a spiral staircase that leads to the observation area of the ship's bridge with passengers obligation not to annoy the officers.

    Charlie's Champagne Bar

    The small The Cafe is located next to the fountains of the Grand Centrum, has 45 seats and offers delicious pastries and coffees.
    In Charlie's Champagne Bar, with 55 seats, is on deck 8 and passengers can choose from a wide range their champagne to enjoy their caviar or foie gras.
    The traditional British-style Henry's Pub is located on deck 7, has 45 seats and offers of course fish & chips with beer!
    Aft of the deck 12 is the Rafles Terrace Bar, with 160 seats, which offers cool drinks and refreshments.

    Shanghai Bar

    For fans there is the Shanghai Bar on deck 7, with 63 seats, where passengers enjoy their drink or beer and watch their favorite sport.
    Smokers have their own area, the Smoking Room on the deck 12, with 15 seats, where enjoy their cigarette or cigar and their cognac.


    Stardust Theater

    Entertainment options on board are also several.

    The two-storey Stardust Theater, with 900 seats, that extends aft of decks 7 & 8 presents daily performances.
    For those who want to try their luck, there is the Maharajah's Casino, with 400 seats, on deck 7 with 158 slot machines, black jack tables, poker, roulettes and bar for refreshing breaks.

    Maharini's Lounge & Nightclub

    Fore on deck 7 right after the casino, there is the Maharini's Lounge & Nightclub, with 200 seats, which is inspired by the Bollywood and has a large dance floor.
    The Galaxy of the Stars has also dance floor and live music from the orchestra.
    On deck 12 there is the Lifestyle Room with board games and Card Room for playing cards.

    Video Arcade

    Young passengers have their own entertainment areas. On deck 10 is the Charlie's Child Care Center with movie screenings, computers and handicraft.
    The Celebrity Disco is located fore on deck 13 has 100 seats and dance floor, table football etc.
    The Video Arcade on deck 7 has 14 seats and here are electronic games and pinball!
    On deck 12 is the Internet Cafe of the ship with 11 computers.


    Tivoli Pool

    The main Tivoli Pool is in the center of the deck 12 and has 4 jacuzzis.
    The Roman Spa, also on deck 12 provides body care services and has massage room, sauna, thalassotherapy room Aquaswim and a fitness center.
    Next to the area is the Oscar Hair & Beauty Salon with hairdressing, manicures and pedicures services.
    For a walk by the sea, there are two open areas on the left and on the right of the deck 7 and also the interior corridors Lobby Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard on decks 7 and 8 respectively.
    On deck 13 there is a large jogging and walking track while in the stern there is a basketball court and a golf course.Aft on deck 11, there are two table tennis tables.

    Buccaneer's Wet & Wild

    Young passengers have also their own pool. Aft on deck 10 is the Buccaneer's Wet & Wild with two small slides, 2 jacuzzis suitable for children and a pirate ship to “complet” their fun.

    Finally, the ship has three lecture halls on deck 8 with a total of 72 seats, duty-free shops and jewelers on the same deck, library with 14 seats on deck 12, Excursion Desk on deck 7 and a medical center on deck 4.

    Norwegian Spirit this period and until 5/11 will operate 14 day cruises from Barcelona to Venice and vice with visits to Toulon, Livorno, Rome, Naples, Mykonos, Istanbul, Kusadasi and Piraeus.
    Then, it will be based in Orlando offering 7-day cruises in western and eastern Caribbean while next year will repeat the same itineraries in both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Sea.

    For Arxipelagos.com

    Athanasios Antoniou



    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT Interiors and Exterior Spaces ( Slide Show presentation Full HD )

    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT Interiors and Exterior Spaces Video



    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT- Exterior Spaces

    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT- Ship Restaurant

    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT- Ship's Shops

    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT- Ship's Lounges

    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT- Ship's bar

    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT- Entertainment

    NORWEGIAN SPIRIT- Sports Wellness

    For the realization of tribute participated

    Giannis Soultanis: Cameraman

    Antonis Kalitsis : Photograph

    Athanasios Antoniou editor

    Konstantinos papadopoulos: Montage, Computer. Graphics Animation,

    We would like to thank for the cooperation

    We 'd like to thank CEO of Orange Cruises Hellas mrs. Tatiana Champa, general manager mr. Georgios Paliouras, sales director mr. Michalis Panagiotakopoulos and cruise director mrs Irene Genti for our excellent tour on board.

    This tribute was a production of Arxipelagos.com in cooperation of Orange Cruises Hellas ©

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