GEORGE M EMBIRICOS 5,728 gross tons. Lb: 134.6 x 17.2 metres. Built 1921 by Short Bros., Ltd., Pallion Sunderland for Messrs S G Embiricos Ltd. Vessel ID: 5605372 Single screw, triple expansion engine making 9.5 knots. Recorded as taking in Welsh ports during September 1922, and onward to Ellis Island New York with European immigrants. Owners second vessel to carry this name and, flying the Greek flag at this time of charter. Sank 4th March 1943 after a collision with the steamship Koonda in Port Phillip Bay Victoria when awaiting to join a convoy. Refloated, repaired and resumed service. Visited Auckland New Zealand 2 times between 19 January 1940 and 1 January 1945. Broken up at Singapore commencing 16 November 1959